Thursday, February 12, 2009


It has been sometime since i posted and entry in this blog.The writing bug has not created enough stir for me to write an entry.The unavoidable business of living and the ramifications of its consequences take its toll on me thus my writing suffers.It has not been an easy ride lately with multiple unwanted incidents that lead me to question the daily rigors i have to go through as a human being.Yes ,these are part of being human and being alive but wouldn't it be wonderful if it was a little bit easier.Has somebody out there wrote a manual on how to cope with life? Sure, I am not alone in my ordeals and i am not going to indulge my emotions with " pity me , why me?" didactics.There is always help there somewhere although sometimes finding help is as easy as finding a needle a haystack.On the lighter side though, I am always amazed how circumstances in my life seem to be programmed to come up with solutions.Lately, i have been more conscious of the little miracles which normally i would have taken for granted.As I progress to notice these miracles intently, the more i believe there is a supreme being there looking out for all of us. I call this TRUST IN THE UNKNOWN FORCE.I have such a strong belief in this Force that I follow it even blindly.Sometimes the road is long and the climb is winding and uphill but i have such a strong conviction, I will get there.Unfortunately, this conviction is not an easy one to cultivate.I did not absorb this in just a nick of time. But i am glad i did. Amen!