Sunday, August 3, 2008


It is a beautiful weekend here in Yuba City.It was agreably hot and pleasant with a light breeze of air.Armed with my laptop and a book on Taoism by Wayne Dyer, I headed to Starbucks for my daily caffeine free fix.MP3 plugged in and Sting crooning about the Russians, I am ready to roll and write.These rare moments of having my chai tea latte venti within the confines of Starbucks ambiance are priceless.This is an indispensable ritual for me to regroup and collect my thoughts.WELCOME TO STARBUCKS COUNTRY! !
This week i have been reading a book on TAOISM by WAYNE DYER titled CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE - LIVING THE WISDOM OF THE TAO.I have to admit I am a proponent of spiritual thinking and living . I would not know how to live my life without the guidelines I learn from these kinds of reading material. As i think and ponder my next life, yes there is a life beyond, difficult to believe but irrevocably true, i could not help but ponder what is it like living on the other side of the fence.This has been a question that has been clouding my mind and have been compelled to find the answer but never lucky enough to find a clear cut answer to the question. It would be wonderful if someone thoroughly dissected the question and found the answer. Call it coincidence but as i think about my future spiritual life, the newsflash in AOL about the death of hundreds of Indians in a religious pilgrimage flashed in my laptop screen. We do have a limited time here on earth , so my question is , what about the life after? What is it like there? What am I here for? I often wondered about the purpose of the frivolity of my physical life here on earth.As I age and come to terms with my temporary stay here , the meaning of death becomes clearer .The fragility of my physical life seem to come at a speed faster than I anticipate. Such speed is so volatile that i can see my life passing by in a whiff. Somehow this pushes me to accomplish much more worthwhile deeds that i have never or have thought of to accomplish in my much younger days. Gone are the days when the focal point of my priorities revolve around much more mundane things. Getting ahead financially, acquiring material things that eventually fade away ... pushing extremely hard to chase the dollar and then what? These i cannot take it all with me anyway . I realize these goals are transient but yet the pull and influence they exert in my human conciousness is beyond my peony comprehension and rationality.I feel defeated trying to absorb and understand the purpose of it all. There are times when I wish there is a genie in a bottle that can explain to me the reason of this all. Why ,why, why? Meditation and prayer had been my constant companion in my journey to life.Without these , I honestly don't know how to live and conduct my life.But yet, even with these arsenal of roadmap to life, there are still questions left unanswered.

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Congratulations on your new and interesting blog.Beautiful pictures too! Keep up the good work.