Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This was a wonderful weekend spent in the north coast of California.With a new convertible , we hopped in the car heading north for a weekend in california's LOST COAST.First stop was Redding , 160 miles north of Yuba City where we live.Redding as i discovered is an upscale and rustic town without the snobbish feel that is usually associated with other upscale towns in California .City slickers that we are ( or at least that's how i feel) we were impressed with the humlility that this town exudes.MOVE OVER- MONTEREY AND CARMEL OR EVEN SAN FRANCISCO, REDDING ROCKS! HA HA HA! We made a pit stop at a bowling alley and was surprised to find it full and crowded mostly elderly people and the senior citizen league cranking up the bowling lanes.We continued on to criss cross the Shasta and Siskiyou Mountains.I have to tell you this place is almost close to heaven. The landscape is magnificent beyond belief and no amount of words or even pictures can do justice to the this place. 2 hours crisscrossing the mountains and rivers and the lush greenery, some of it affected by the monstrous California wildfires, we arrived in Crescent City and close to the Oregon border.We finally reached the part of the lost coast of california .Well, the pictures will have to suffice for the undescribably magnificent northern california coastline.