Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My First Blog Entry

Today I finally sat down and exert my energy into creating my first blog entry.I am still trying to learn the ropes how to post a blog or make a blog.As much as it sounds daunting to make my first blog as this is a totally unfamiliar territory to me,I am thanking my nephew Andrew Hughes (who normally lives in Indiana but is currently in Indonesia doing a very noble work being a novice missionary helping the poor and displaced people in the outbacks of Indonesia) for giving me the inspiration and idea to create my own blog site.Andrew is such a prolific writer as I am discovering in his blog.Here is Andrew's blog site if you are interested to read it.http://andrewinindo.blogspot.com//.
I have dreamed of being a writer but the circumstances of my past and present life has not allowed me to follow that path.Coupled with the fact, that writing as a serious way of making a living in the Philipines was not strongly encouraged nor rewarded at the time i was contemplating of being a serious writer.Being the writer wanna be in me, that dream has not died and the thrill of writing has not left me.At the back of my mind, I always have the inclination to write for my own fulfillment and joy.I have envisioned the purpose of this blog mainly for my travels- I am passionate about travelling as it is something that is innate to my being and a necessity in my existence. I thrive on adventure .I live and breath it. Without it, it would be impossible for me to live any other kind of life.I dream of seeing the whole world and I do intend to share my travels here in this blog.Paging Christopher Columbus and Jacques Costeau!!!.Time to give you a run for your money!!! just to infuse a little joke here...Ha ha ha!
Travel has always excited me- the thought of seeing far flung places beyond my wildest imagination ,the road less travelled and visiting places far from the madding crowd has given me enough adrenaline to pursue this goal. I am committed to fulfill that dream before the end of my lifetime. Ha ha ha! THY DREAM WILL BE DONE.AMEN

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