Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Philippines June 2008

Arrived in Manila via Taipeh after a 14 hour direct flight from San Francisco to Taipeh।Connecting flight from Taipeh was not so bad with a 2 hour flight to Manila.Landing at the Ninoy Aquino Airport makes me feel that I am home even after 25 years of being away and making California as my adopted home.It was good to be home and seeing the familiar places I know even after 25 years of absence here.The heat is excruciating once I got off the plane with 100 % humidity drenching my entire body with sweat.I came home for my Mom's 85th birthday.I looked forward to this big event.After all, how many people can claim they live to be 85? This day and age, that is a gift and I sure would love to have that same gift to grow old like my mom.

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