Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today, i spent a good time making entries and constructing my entries. John Denver music blasting in my Rhapsody( my online music machine) he he he! I need music to get me in the mood of writing.It is essential for me to get the ideas to write down. TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS, ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH , LEAVING ON A JET PLANE . Sounds familiar? Classic John Denver songs.There is something in music that changes your thinking and emotions. I honestly believe that sound exerts a tremendous amount of influence on how you feel and how you think. Carl Jung , if he were alive today can probably attest to this.Carl Jung , are you listening? Hahaha!!!!
Anyway, the energy of sound especially the sound of music is a force to contend with and not be taken lightly. It is something surreal that i find difficult to explain.I feel i am flying up above the clouds given the appropriate music i am listening to at any given moment.It is not difficult for me to be transported to a different time and space when i listen to a certain music that easily woes my soul.

I went out for my daily 3.5 mile walk today and i swear, i have seen the most beautiful red sunset .Luckily, i brought my camera with me and i was able to take a shot .Of course , my cheap Canon camera does not do justice to the picture but anyhow, i wanted to share it with you.

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In a Nutshell said...

Hey Auntie Melita! It's Andrew :)

Your comments on my blog have been exceedingly encouraging!

Just wanted to drop you a line congratulating you on the new blog. Hope you enjoy the 'release'.

And don't frown to heavily on a dinky little the right hands a Canon point and shoot can do some beautiful things :)

Send Uncle Steve my best. And my many thanks for the books (please, keep them comin!) I'd love to read some of his thoughts if he could get a blog up!

Selemat Blogging!!